Don't be fooled by so called  " rocker  lockers " on the market, there IS a difference. ROCKOUTS are an engineered solution to the tapping problem. Manufactured on automated machinery to exacting specifications, with a unique shape and a special  material they are computer designed & thoroughly tested for easy installation & top performance. We offer a complete kit, not just something you hammer into your engine.
While they suggested that you should install the parts  on the bike, I was adamant from day 1 that the correct way to install them was on the bench and included the installation hardware to do so. Guess what... now they  say you should do it on the bench, and use my installation method.
       BUT they can't copy my research, my shape, my material, my innovation... they can't get that from a photo.
 Brought to you from the guy that found the problem no one else could!
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